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We are proud to announce the list of the people who did take advantage of our services in one or another way.

Please find below a list of companies and organisations for which we have



Zlatko Latev Photography, Bulgaria
DA Advertise Ltd, Bulgaria
BG Hot Property, Bulgaria
Photo Expert Ltd, Bulgaria
Neochim Plc, Bulgaria
Cargomax Ltd, Bulgaria
Euroinvest Houses, Bulgaria
Unrealsoft Ltd, Bulgaria
Little Art, Bulgaria
Drama Theatre Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Properties R Us, United Kingdom
James Crow, Bulgaria
Copy Group Ltd, Bulgaria
Badman Ltd, Bulgaria
eBay Store Ltd, Bulgaria
Forego Group Ltd, Bulgaria
Ice Company Ltd, Bulgaria
QCI Bulgaria, Bulgaria
Nasi Ltd, Bulgaria Ltd, Bulgaria
Universum Entertainment S.A., Germany
Er Auto Ltd, Bulgaria
South Properties Ltd, Bulgaria
MC Ikar Ltd, Bulgaria
Municipality of Madjarovo, Bulgaria
Haskovo Artists Assosiation, Bulgaria
Ivalko Properties Ltd, Bulgaria
Radoslav Stroy, Bulgaria
Ikar 95 Ltd, Bulgaria
Youth Centre Haskovo, Bulgaria
The Lodge Resort, United Kingdom
Municipality of Yablanitza, Bulgaria
Apis Selekt Ltd, Bulgaria
Last Minute Travel Ltd, Bulgaria

Lada, Bulgaria
Mark Guthrie Photography, United Kingdom
Round Table 3, Bulgaria
Business Haskovo, Bulgaria
Er-Bi-Nes, Bulgaria
Translation Agency Babylon, Bulgaria
Baron Ltd, Bulgaria
Rt Consult Ltd, Bulgaria
National Breeding and Bee-keeping Association, Bulgaria
National Service for Plant Protection - Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Building And Construction Chamber - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Octopus Developments Ltd, United Kingdom
Cheap Bulgarian Properties Ltd, United Kingdom
Bravis Ltd, Bulgaria
Em Tranzit Ltd, Bulgaria
DJ-Frigo, Bulgaria
Madis Agency, Bulgaria
Dentacon Ltd, Bulgaria
Apollon Ltd, Bulgaria
Digital Yasam, Turkey
RT Consult Ltd, Bulgaria
SJK Band, Bulgaria
Magelan Bookstore, Bulgaria
Adelly Ltd, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Art X, Bulgaria
Atina Agency, Bulgaria
Ion Ltd, Bulgaria
RIOSV Haskovo, Bulgaria
Programa Consult Ltd, Bulgaria
Computer Consult Ltd, Bulgaria
Bulgarian ESTates, Bulgaria
Nedev Ltd, Bulgaria
Milko Milushev, Bulgaria

Zap Future, Portugal
Bulgarian Book DB Project, Bulgaria
Rotary Club Haskovo, Bulgaria
NFS Service, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Singles, Germany
County of Merton, United Kingdom
Dodo's Toys Ltd, United Kingdom
Municipality of Haskovo, Bulgaria
Business Haskovo, Bulgaria
Escom Ltd, Bulgaria
Mega Engineering Ltd, Bulgaria

Deltaphon GmBH, Germany
Lohndata GmBH, Germany
Sam Hancock, United Kingdom
Marlar Bennetts Intl., United Kingdom
Ford Tuzcular, Turkey
Çetinler AS, Turkey
Architectonic3D Ltd, Bulgaria
IP Consulting Ltd, Bulgaria
Manuela Jsc, Bulgaria
K&B Accountancy Group, United Kingdom
Inteligent Technical Systems, Bulgaria
Area Ltd, Bulgaria
Savoy-Escorts, United Kingdom
Advertising Agency *Recording*, Bulgaria
Evangelical Theological Institute, Bulgaria

Aeye Ltd, United Kingdom
Samsung Mobile, United Kingdom
Deroni Ltd, Bulgaria
Racoms 2 Ltd, Bulgaria
Mark Guthrie Photography, United Kingdom
VIKET NetWorks, Bulgaria
Barbour Index Plc, United Kingdom
MetalFist E-Zine, Bulgaria
Municipality of Simeonovgrad, Bulgaria
Recreation and Development Union, Bulgaria

Photography by Dimitar Atanasov.