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The Solution
Anyone Needs

outsourcing: no more worries about the on-going labor and overhead expense. why paying high wages and high taxes locally? outsource your solutions - research, development, administration, marketing - meet your demands of lowering the highest expenses and keeping the good quality. stay in the position of top-level decision maker, give directions and analyze the results, taking care for the details is our responsibility.

e-commerce solutions: the most effective and fast way to keep your customers up to date with your latest products, allowing them to purchase hot, brand new stuff immediately.

flash websites: this technology can be annoying or stunning - have you chosen your designer carefully? we can accent delicately and focus visitors' attention on even the tiniest detail while at the same time keep the neat style of the presentation.

domain name registration & web hosting: use Prototype Studio's abilities to create your own unique internet identity - at low price and accessible from all over the world.

website management: even the most sophisticated and perfect machine needs attention and support. we help you run your site smoothly and troublefree - no need of your attention.

online marketing: need to increase leads and sales online? Prototype Studio offers the right solution for you - web marketing strategy, search engine optimization, keyword selection, linking campaigns.

Photography by Dimitar Atanasov.