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just a step closer
                                 to you

Internet technology promotes our presence on the global world market and in the same time continues to limit us physically in a specific country. Our experience showed us that time spent in communication when implementing foreign projects can be optimized without leading to a decrease in quality.

Determined to be easily understood and closer to you, Prototype Studio Ltd. has established representative offices in several countries. This way, the communication between us will be in a language of your choice.

At the same time, personal contact with our representatives will increase the confidence in Prototype Studio Ltd. and will lead to an easier management and cooperation over the assignments, as well as the consequent project support.
still the same creativity

The new magazine-like look and feel of our web site intends to demonstrate the talent and abilities of Prototype Studio Ltd. to advertise various businesses.

For the first several issues we have selected flowers, natural sights, and of course a few themes we will keep secret for now. The editions to follow will introduce numerous business categories such as architecture and design, finance, fashion and many more.

To achieve the complete effect of a magazine, we have intentionally limited the user to only *turn over* the pages back and forward, or browse the table of content in order to visit the desired *article*.

Please, express your opinion of the new design through this poll.
Photography by Tinko Georgiev